With our global headquarters in St. Louis, MO, Metal Exchange conducts business in more than 30 countries, with offices and representatives strategically located throughout the world.

Metal Exchange maximizes the value of nonferrous metal for our commercial partners by always being prepared to make a market for these products. Through our extensive network of commercial partners, our agency agreements and our own manufacturing and processing facilities, Metal Exchange is the industry gateway to the best sources and consumers throughout the world.

While active in many nonferrous metals, raw materials and products, we have significant trading and production focus in the following:

Aluminum, Copper and Magnesium Scrap
Recycling process services
Recycling transportation services
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Primary Raw Materials
Primary aluminum (sows, T-bar and ingot)
Aluminum billet
Aluminum foundry (ingot and T-bar)
Copper cathode
Magnesium (ingot and sow)

Secondary Raw Materials
Aluminum re-melt sows and ingots (specification and near specification)
Aluminum billet

Semi-Fabricated Aluminum
Flat-rolled products
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Quality Policy

ISO 9001 Certificate

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