Family of Companies

Metal Exchange Corporation (MEC) is the parent for a family of industry leaders in a variety of non-ferrous metal markets. Headquartered in St. Louis, we have the international presence needed to link suppliers and customers around the globe.

MEC’s marketing and trading team is based in St. Louis, MO, and has offices in Zurich, Singapore, and Shanghai. These experts provide our customers with industry-leading commodity risk management in a wide range of non-ferrous markets. MEC’s proprietary software and global network of partners and facilities allow us to maximize value for our customers.

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Pennex Aluminum is one of the country’s leading aluminum extruders. We supply parts to a variety of companies in the automotive, construction, recreation and transportation industries.  We have four facilities:  three in Pennsylvania, and one in Ohio  Our Wellsville, PA, facility also serves as our headquarters.

Electro Cycle, located in Madisonville, KY, serves as a key partner to the aluminum food and beverage can industry. Because aluminum is infinitely recyclable, we are able to receive scrap aluminum in various forms (rolled sheet, can lids, punch, etc.) and process it through our induction furnace to create large aluminum blocks called sows.

Metal Exchange Corporation operates a non-ferrous scrap collection facility in Moulton, AL, with equipment to process various forms and grades of scrap. We service industrial accounts, regional dealer accounts, and retail collection.